To Whom It May Concern:

Javier Mendez, Risk Control Specialist with Safety si, has been instrumental in reducing employee accidents which has translated to claim cost savings. since 1991, when Superior Grocers was 3 stores, Javier has been providing effective loss control services stemming back from his employment with insurance carriers; Cal Comp, Superior National, and Alliance Insurance Company. He has also provided services through our previous brokers, Sander Kessler, Hamilton Brewert, Ogilvy & Hill, and now directly with Superior.

One page cannot explain the many programs tailored for us with most favorable results.

Superior Grocers today is 35 stores and is considered the largest independent grocer in Southern California. Javier has earned the respect of all my management team and we consider Javier a direct member of the Superior team. He is most effective with our mid-management associates and ground troops and we have found this to be the nucleolus in accident prevention. Our management team has comprehended the Safety teachings Javier has provided which have contributed to our steady reductions in frequency and claim cost.

Today, Javier works directly with Superior to continue our progress with accident prevention.

I strongly recommend Javier’s services to any company looking to reduce their work comp cost and show improved profits.

Should you have any questions, please contact me at your earliest convenience.


Cris Nunez

Superior Grocers

Executive Director of Risk Management.