Dear Javier,

Earlier this month, our workers’ comp insurance broker provided us our new exmod for 2007 and we were thrilled to see it had dropped from 113 to 89. This will translate to tens of thousands of dollars in premium savings. Much of the credit for the reduction in on-the-job injuries at Santa Monica Seafood should go to you and your Safety Si employee awareness training you conduct each month at our processing facility for each shift. It has been invaluable and the fact that we have had only 1 lost time injury over the past 2-3 years speaks for itself.

Because our workforce is primarily made-up of Spanish speaking employees, it’s always a challenge figuring out how to not only communicate management’s goals, but to do so in such as way as to get their full commitment. When it comes to loss control, the methods you utilize to reach-out to each employee during one of your training sessions and get them involved is nothing short of masterful. You’re not only able to get their attention, but gain their trust. In so doing, our workers have come to realize that management is truly on their side and wants to do everything possible to ensure their personal safety. All thanks to you.

It goes without saying that we consider Javier Mendez an integral part of our risk management process, not just for you monthly safety training sessions, but your thorough inspection of the premises you do periodically (along with your excellent printed reports documenting both the good and bad with color picture), specialized training for learning how to properly use new equipment, plus acting as our master of ceremonies at our annual Christmas gathering. Clearly, you have become an indispensable part of Santa Monica Seafood and I would recommend your services to any Company wanting a guaranteed way to reduce on-the-job injuries, especially for Spanish speaking workers. There’s simply nothing better that Safety Si!



Seth Marshall
Vice President