Coronavirus Safety Training for Your Workplace

The coronavirus is unquestionably dangerous. We should all be concerned and take this seriously. But we should not panic. Around 80 percent of cases are mild to moderate, and people recover within a week or two.

Moreover, there are obvious, evidence-based actions we can take to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our workplace. To that end, we have prepared a concise and straightforward training program for those employers that are planning to stay open through this unusual time.

We are offering bilingual mini sessions of 35 minutes for small groups of up to ten employees.

The training covers:

  1. The coronavirus

    a. Fact vs fiction

    b. How it is transmitted

    c. Symptoms

    d. Prevention

    e. Protecting yourself and others

  2. Proper housekeeping

  3. Personal hygiene

  4. Personal protective equipment

  5. Positive attitude

Interactive Training

The training will consist of group discussion, videos, props, and a quiz. Upon completion you will receive a letter documenting the training, sign-in sheets, and customized safety posters of the training sessions.

Small Groups to keep distance

We have kept the sessions brief and are limiting the class size to ten employees. Classes should be held in a room that allows for proper social distancing.

Special pricing until May 31

The fee for the above is $150 per session with a minimum of four back to back sessions ($600). This special multi-session pricing will be available until May 31, 2020.

Inform to dispel myths and panic

Panic is just as contagious as the coronavirus. We are here to help employees stay informed and to help keep your business going through these difficult times.

Flexibility and readiness.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. We are hoping to accommodate all training requests for our valued Safety Si clients. Availability is limited so please call us today to schedule your training.


  • Travel time beyond the greater Long Beach/Los Angeles area is billed at $50 per hour and $0.50 per mile. Out of town travel expenses billed at cost.

  • No additional charge for night or weekend services.

  • Out of town rates are dependent upon travel scheduling and requirements.