The Interactive Way to Train Employees

Safety Si! was started in 1997 by Javier Mendez, a dedicated and skilled consultant with over 35 years of accomplishments in safety, risk management, loss control, and employee training.

Javier started the Safety Si! Risk Control Program to address the growing needs and challenges for an effective and interactive way to train employees on workplace safety issues, as well as provide companies with advice on OSHA and workers compensation.

Training for Employees: Integrate a Safety Culture into the Workplace

The Safety Si! offers on-site bilingual (English and Spanish) training courses that are highly interactive and designed to educate and encourage employees to work safely and become more safety conscious. The bilingual approach of Safety Si! ensures comprehension of the training material, and breaks down language barriers to open up communications between employees and supervisors.

In addition to traditional course materials such as handouts, the training includes demonstrations, videos, props, and posters, helping to keep employees engaged and excited about the learning process.

During the training courses, employees are motivated to help keep their workplace a safe place.

Javier Mendez, Safety Si! founder and key instructor, is a lively and humorous trainer with a proven track record with major insurers such as Allianz Insurance, Superior National, Cal Comp and Pan American Underwriters. Javier’s interactive and entertaining teaching methods are highly regarded as a superior approach to otherwise boring training sessions.

Workers Compensation & OSHA Consulting for Employers:

Javier has been working with California companies since 1980, offering insight and support into the often confusing area of OSHA standards, regulation and compliance, as well as helping organizations keep their workers compensation claims down.

Javier Mendez

Javier Mendez is a committed professional with bilingual skills (English/Spanish) and proven competence in risk control situations that require a high visibility, customer focus and inter-office organizational skills.



  • Developed, implemented and presented bilingual safety programs for workers compensation accounts working with loss control and reducing experience modifications.
  • Designed and conducted foreman training programs which resulted in less injury to workers, merit recognition and customer feedback for full insurance operations.
  • Created an accident and health program aimed at educating employees on group health benefits.
  • Designed an improvement program aimed at assisting safety engineers with inspections and acted as a consultant to comply with OSHA and other state regulations.
  • Conducted and monitored client workshops with employees aimed at assisting them in applying for services through public agencies (e.g. Social Security, Medi-Cal, Public Security Health Department).


1997 – Pres

Risk Control Specialist, Self-Employed

1993 – 1997

Loss Control Specialist, Allianz Insurance Company, Burbank, CA

Presented safety and foreman training programs in compliance with Senate Bill 198. Introduced safety incentive programs. Acted as liaison between client and insurance company. Monitored and directed the paper flow from company to customer and provided customer support. Position was used as a selling point to close or book new accounts. Evaluated prospective accounts.

1992 – 1993

Loss Control Consultant, Superior National, Calabasas, CA

1990 – 1992

Loss Control Consultant, Cal Comp, Woodland Hills, CA

1980 – 1990

Loss Control Consultant, Pan American Underwriters, Fountain Valley, CA

1978 – 1980

Contract Administrator, Orange County Regional Center, Orange, CA

Processed contracts and benefits for mentally disabled children in Social Security, Medi-Cal and Public Assistance Program.